Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sushi @ home

Hand rolls are an easy dinner, and a fun way to eat!
We are lucky in Seattle to have Uwajimaya, a Japanese supermarket that sells blocks of sashimi grade fish for great prices!  Hand rolls are easy to prepare, and satisfy that sushi craving without going out and spending lots of money!
above clockwise from 12 o'clock, unagi (eel), salmon, scallop, cucumber

What you'll need from the store:
  • sashimi grade fish
  • nori (seaweed) sheets
  • short grain rice - very important to get the right rice!
  • rice vinegar
  • wasabi
  • recommended additions to your meal: iced cold japanese beer and/or instant miso soup packets
1. make the sushi rice!  I followed the recipe below.  Now, I have to say  there are some strict rules to making authentic sushi rice...but I'm lazy - this is how I make it without all the fancy tools.
  •  make the rice, 1 cup dried rice will be enough rice for hand rolls for 2 people.  I use my rice cooker...I have no idea how to make rice without one.  I tried once, while studying in Rome. And between me, my 2 other Asian American roommates, we ended up with burnt dried rice.
  • while you're waiting for your rice (on quick cook setting it takes about 20mins), make your sushi rice mixture.  For 1cup dried rice, you need to heat:
                                               - 3tbsp rice vinegar
                                               - 1.5 tsp sugar
                                               - a sprinkle of salt
  • let this mixture cool
  • when the rice is done, spread it across a non-metal plate.  the vinegar might react on a metalplate and it will taste like ICK.
  • pour the mixture over the rice and "fold" it in using your rice paddle.  do not smush the rice.  it helps to fan the rice while you do this to ensure the rice doesn't eat to moist and saturated and cools down.  I asked my sous-chef - aka hungry boyfriend- to come fan while I folded.
2.  cut up fish in strips.  you can prepare cucumber or other fillings too to go with your hand rolls
3.  cut your nori sheets in half - hot dog style - so you have long rectangular pieces.
4.  make yourself a hand roll and eat!

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