Tuesday, July 19, 2011

cooking! crostini

an assortment of colorful and delicious crostini to start off any meal.

       you will need:
           1 baguette
         tomato pepper topping
           1 yellow bell pepper
           1 box cherry tomatoes
           1 block of cheese, i used truffle cheese which has a great aroma when melted
           1/8cup white wine
         devil'd egg topping
           6 eggs
           1 handful of spinach
           1tbsp mayonnaise
           1/2tbsp dijon mustard
           pinch paprika
         mushroom tapenade topping
           1/2lb diced white mushrooms
           1/2cup diced white onion
           1 1/2 tbsp goat cheese
           1 tbsp minced flat leaf parsley
           3 tbsp sherry
           salt and pepper
  • cut up baguette in 3/8inch slices, toast in oven for 8-10mins @ 350degrees F
   tomato & pepper topping
  • dice up tomato and yellow bell pepper
  • start pan on medium heat, add olive oil and saute tomato and pepper 
  • after 3-4 minutes add white wine
  • continue to cook for for 5-7 minutes, until mixture is soft and melted together
  • apply topping to crostini and top with a slice of cheese
  • place in oven for 3 minutes @ 350F, or until cheese is melted

 devil'd egg topping
  • place eggs in pot of water and set on high heat
  • after water starts to boil, turn off burner/heat
  • throw spinach into water with eggs for 30secs and pull out and set aside
  • once water has cooled to luke warm, take out eggs and peel
  • cut boiled eggs into half, and scoop out yolk into separate bowl.  keep the egg whites on the side, you will need those later
  • mix into egg yolk the mayonnaise, mustard, paprika and salt to taste
  • spread yolk mixture onto crostini
  • place a small amount of blanched spinach on top of yolk spread
  • from the halved egg white, cut off the widest part into a ring
  • cut an edge on the short end of the ring and place on top of spinach in a swirl shape
 mushroom tapenade topping
  • start pan on medium-high heat and add olive oil.
  • when oil is hot, add diced onion and saute for 3mins or until soft
  • add diced mushrooms and stir occasionally for 3mins
  • add sherry and continue to cook mushrooms until soften, stirring occasionally
  • remove mushrooms from pan into mixing bowl
  • mix in goat cheese and then flat leaf parsley
  • add salt and pepper to taste
  • add spread to crostini
enjoy all 3 together for a colorful showing!