Saturday, June 18, 2011

shopping! Ulta and IKEA

New Find!
Ulta- so after I tried a friend's O.P.I. Shatter (see how it works!)I HAD to get some. So after some Googling, ULTA at Northgate looked my best bet. Now, I've driven past before but had the impression it should neck pillows and massagers, kinda like that back half of a Brookstone store. Wow, was I blown away- it's like Sephora and a drugstore had a baby. And definately the place if you're in the market to invest in a ceramic hair dryer or flat iron. Prices on the lower end (covergirl, rimmel, maybelline) seemed competitive to bartell's or walgreens, but maybe not as cheap as Target. They carry a lot of makeup brands you would find in a Sephora, but not as much. However, their hair product section was giant and had a huge selection. Overall, if you buy your hair products online or at your salon, and want more selection/price for makeup you might have other options, but ULTA is definately a one stop shop to keep in mind. Plus, they have a membership with points=gifts, definately something you don't get from drugstores or target for comparable brands!

Renewed Favorite
IKEA- spent the early afternoon here, and it's been way to long. Love this store and how you always leave with a little lift in your mood! Had lunch, bought a few items- <$20 for 2+hours of fun! Great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

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