Wednesday, June 22, 2011

cooking! greek cioppino

here is a spin on a greek stew usually done with chicken.  it's my hybrid greek cioppino:)

        1 lb of white fish, this case pacific cod
        1small white onion, chopped 1/2" pieces
        1 can diced tomato
        3 tomatos, wedged
        okra, stemmed
        12 shrimp, peeled
        2 cloves garlic, minced
  • choose a pot good for stewing, and has a lid - le creuset is the master of pots for this
  • heat olive oil on med-high, and add garlic. cook until it 'breaks' **aka you can start to smell it, but before it browns**
  • salt & pepper both sides of the cod and pan fry. cook on each side, approx 2mins, until the faces have a nice slight 'crisp' or 'brown'.  **it does not need to be cooked through at this time.**
  • remove fish and set aside
  • add more olive oil and add okra. toss the okra occasionally, cook 5mins.
  • add fresh tomato and mix in with okra, cook 5mins.
  • add can of diced tomato, mix in with okra and fresh tomato.
           **you can substitute with more fresh tomato and chicken broth, but i think the 
               canned stuff adds some thickness to the broth**
  • put on lid and turn down heat to med-low.  let stew cook for 20mins, or until the fresh tomato breaks down and the broth thickens and darkens to deep red.
  • when stew looks as above, add back fish and raw peeled shrimp to surface.  replace lid and turn off stove.  let this sit for 10-15mins. **the heat in the pot will cook through the fish and cook the shrimp.  using the residual heat will make sure you don't over cook the meat!**
  • mix in fish/shrimp to serve.  


i suggest serving over a dry grain - like cous cous or basmati...see my recipe below!

     2cup basmati brown rice
     2cup water
     3cup chicken broth
     1pinch saffron

bring 2cups water to boil.  add basmati rice and 1pinch of saffron, place lid on pot.  check the rice in 5-10mins, and when water is almost gone, add 1cup chix broth. replace lid.  check on rice, and continue process of adding 1cup broth at a time and allowing the rice with cook with lid on pot and absorb the liquid.

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